Amex Flexible Business

» Amex Flexible business inquary flexibility leads to succes What do you need to be a successful entrepreneur? Amex has asked its customers a few questions to find out what the key factors are for a successful business. The most common denominator was flexibility. Description But what does it entail to have flexibility in business? […]

Artrose Gezond

» Artrose Gezond A life without pain. Concept Living with osteoarthritis doesn’t have to be miserable at all. Osteoarthritis can be experienced in various places in the body and it can be experienced as very painful. But not taking action can actually lead to more pain. It is therefore also advised to keep moving so […]

Zaakgericht werken

» Zaakgericht Werken Accessible, at the right moment The conductor Explainer animation Zaakgericht werken c.q. ‘Case-oriented working’ means that all documents relevant to a case are bundled and stored digitally, regardless of who works on the case and where he/she works on it. By making all that information in the case file quickly and […]