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Zaakgericht werken c.q. ‘Case-oriented working’ means that all documents relevant to a case are bundled and stored digitally, regardless of who works on the case and where he/she works on it. By making all that information in the case file quickly and easily accessible to the parties involved at the right time, the case can be handled faster. And by linking each case to a customer or an address from the basic registers, a customer or address file can be created containing all case files that belong to it.


Zaakgericht Werken is a new way of processing information. Introducing a new method of working, even if it is for the better, is always a challenge. But change in a ever-changing environment is inevitable. The municipality of Zoetermeer is very progressive and always looking for ways to make things easier for its residents and employees.
To communicate this new method we developed an infographic and explainer video.


Concept development, Art Direction, Motion graphics

Municipality of Zoetermeer

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