Rebranding Ad Patres

A celebration of high performance

The conductor

The ambassador

A burial was once an integral part of life. Now people seem to be less aware of it. People often underestimate it, while a funeral requires the right attention. For a successful person, a burial is a tribute to his/her life.



Ad Patres is located in the prestigious Staten Kwartier in The Hague. This neighborhood is characterized by housing for highly educated people. The funeral home has always been the epicenter of this neighborhood’s society. The funeral home is known for its attention to detail and thorough execution of its client’s wishes. 
As a part of a new rebranding, we decided to create personas that envelop success. We ended up creating three exceptional personas with each their own resume of academic achievements. These three personas became fictional ambassadors for the brand. Their imagery and story are being used throughout all digital and print communications. The personas include an ambassador, a CEO, and a music conductor.


Concept development, Art Direction, Photography, Branding, Design, Marketing, Webdesign, Presentation, Social Media

Ad Patres funeral home

November 2016

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