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Massive Productions Holland is a staple amongst various productions in the Netherlands supplying audiovisual solutions for retail, office, catering and events for many years.

So focussed on what they do best and adding new services time after time, the old website got a little bit overwhelming with lots of loose incoherent content.

The main goal for the website is to update its interface but we advised to do a whole revamp of the branding and website. This was necessary because from the old website it was a bit unclear what Massive Productions Holland does. Our goal was to give a clear answer with the new website. First of all, we interviewed the founders so we could get some information when writing copy and developing content. Important questions to get answers to were:

  1. How did the company start?
  2. What services does the company provide?
  3. What are the target groups?
  4. What are important pages from the old website that should be included on the new website?

The founder started his journey almost 30 years ago as a DJ for, among other things, drive-in shows in Rotterdam. His passion for music and extensive knowledge of IT have been the spark that created Massive Productions Holland. The services expanded into the rental and installation of AV equipment for consumers and businesses alike.

After acquiring all needed information from the founder and his colleagues we started developing SEO-certified copy and building the website. See the result on www.massivepro.nl. One important piece of content was the development of a promotional video catered to fixed AV installations. The hompage includes ‘advertisements’ to the various pages on the website. It enveloppes everything a visitor needs to know about the company and services.

Compartementalisation of informations with blocks/segments ensures a friendly and effective way of cruising through the website with back to back links to different pages for easy navigation. Alternation of images and videos provide an increased entertainment content

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